Welcome to my website! Hi, I'm Eric Smith and have built this website to keep track of
my online activities. I have a mixture of the online businesses I am involved with, as
well as numerous free advertising avenues that I use to promote those businesses.
I've had this site since 2004 and it has helped me enormously by keeping me on track
with my daily promotion and activities. I have had some good years and some bad
years, but I am still here promoting daily and working my clicking finger to the bone. I
took a few years off for health reasons, but I am back stronger and more focused than
ever. Please take the time to look at my business opportunities or free advertising.
To start, let's look at the business income earners that I am involved with. First, the business I've been
involved with the longest is
GDI. It is a website domain provider, but also a monthly income earner.
Basically, my website pays for itself. Another top company is
BuildaBizOnline because it has great power
in promoting all of your affiliate websites at once, and branding yourself online. One more crazy
company is
F5M Millionaires Club which gets you income by signing up people $5 a pop, quick and easy.
The next company is a rare gem in getting you 80 hardcore leads a day, and it's called
BoostMyOnlineBiz. Powerful! And, the final business I just got into is called SkinnyBoyCare, which has
the fastest team-build marketing system around. I had 67 paid members placed on my team in the first
24 hours after I enrolled in the program. Blew my head off!!

Next, let's take a look at just a few of the free advertising avenues that I use. Although on the
frontpage I've listed safe-lists first, here I am going to mention traffic exchanges first because I love
them. The first one is my favorite and is called
TopHits4U. It has great reach in getting the newest
members to the online marketing community. Also,
TrafficSwirl  is another great exchange with new
members every day. After those two, I usually go to a power house called
Hit2Hit which shows your
website to over 30+ traffic exchanges for being involved with it. And the final one I will mention here is
AutoSurfMyth which just got new owners and is ready to spread traffic way into the future.

Now, I can suggest some great Safe-Lists. One of the best safe-lists out there is
GotSafelist. I had the
most success with this one. Next, a quiet little safe-list I use is called
ListSpeedster which lets you earn
credits and jump to the top off the list really easily. Another great one is called
Green-Elist which has
paid me quite well for the referrals I have introduced to it, as well as a very receptive audience. And,
finally let's look at a fantastic list called
YourEZAds which has one of the best solo emailers around.

If you'd like to socialize with me, check out my social media profiles below: